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Volcano ECIGS Sizes - Something for Everyone

Is Bigger Always Better? The Reality Is More Complicated

As in other contexts (shall we say – more intimate matters), the question as to whether size automatically equals better too comes up in electronic cigarettes and vaping quite a lot – and the assumption in each is of course the cliché that it is. However, when it comes to ecigs (as in love) the answer when

hon lik's e cigarette is now in history

The History of the Electronic Cigarette

Maybe you’ve seen them someone in public puffing on one of those strange, glowing vapor sticks and wondered what they were doing and why they’re allowed to do it indoors. They were smoking, but not in the traditional sense. They were smoking electronic cigarettes. If you haven’t heard of these devices, called “e-cigs” for short,

what are e-cigs

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Putting in simple words, electronic cigarettes are simple devices that replicate the act of smoking a traditional cigarette. The look, feel, and smoking sensation are very much like the tobacco cigarette but the rest is what that makes the electronic device stand apart from its conventional equivalent. Also known as e-cigarette and e-cig, an electronic

black electronic cigarette battery for joye 510

Black Electronic Cigarettes

Many persons, who first start vaping, or using electronic cigarettes, want it to look as much like the real thing as possible. They want a white one, so it will look like a traditional cigarette. Eventually, however, they want to make a statement that they no longer are smokers. This is where the black electronic